Tendências Acessórios 2023

Accessories Trends 2023

Like all elements in the world of fashion, accessories also undergo constant changes in relation to what is in fashion or not, being dictated by what will be the trends for a certain year or season. Therefore, it is almost imperative to pay constant attention to these trends, in order to always closely monitor which types of products will be most popular in a certain period of time. That's why we bring you here today what will be the main trends in terms of accessories for the year 2023:


1- Shine is King!

Don't be intimidated and be daring, this year glitter really is king and will be present in almost every piece of costume jewelry. From colored stones to the more traditional zirconia, the presence of shine is something that cannot be missing from your jewelry pieces, take advantage and create an impactful and unique personal brand!

2- Butterflies

After the “fever” experienced in the 90s and 2000s, butterflies are back in the limelight, especially in the jewelry and bijouterie area. Don't waste time and welcome back this fashion classic that also refers to delicacy and femininity, representing renewal, transformation and change in your accessories menu.


3- Lettering Necklace

Always present in fashion and accessory trends, this timeless classic is back in vogue in 2023, this time in a more minimalist way, with delicate and thinner letters, with single-letter pendants still being the most popular.

4- Sets

Another trend that will mark 2023 will be the use of earrings and necklaces together. Whether in a bolder way, or in a more delicate and clean way (depending on your personal taste), this is always a sure bet to complement your looks!


5- Barbiecore

Another trend that will once again mark the world of accessories in 2023 will be the use of pink in the most varied pieces. Once again, the elevation of the more feminine image is visible, this time also enhanced by the launch of the new Barbie movie, later this year.

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