O Verão está mesmo aí à porta e não vai querer perder a peça tendência deste ano: as Tornozeleiras!

Summer is right around the corner and you don't want to miss this year's trending piece: Anklets!

With Arabic origins, this piece of costume jewelery has acquired several meanings over the decades, and today, in the vast majority, it is used as a fashion accessory.

On today's blog we'll show you what makes this accessory so special and the best ways to use it.

Even though it is a delicate and discreet piece, the anklet can appear in various shapes and sizes. In golden or silver tones, with or without pendants, this is the ideal accessory to complement any look, from the most elegant (for dining out) to the most relaxed (for going to the beach). This summer, use and abuse your anklets and combine them in the most diverse ways, with the most diverse types of clothing! Here we leave some suggestions of types of footwear to use with anklets .


Sneaker and Mule:

These two types of footwear are quite similar, with the mule not having the back part of the heel. Light, practical and versatile, these shoes are the most comfortable option for high heels, without losing a bit of elegance. It is advisable to choose more discreet anklets in the case of more opulent sneakers. With lower and more discreet sneakers, as well as mules, the mix of anklets, with or without pendants, are also an excellent bet, especially with two anklets on top that are tighter, and a third one below that is looser.


flat sandal:

A common presence in any women's wardrobe, this type of footwear is quite versatile, and can be combined with dresses, shorts or skirts of various styles. With this type of footwear, there is no way to go wrong with the anklet, the best piece to complement it.


High heels:

As always, high heels could not be missing. Even though it is a type of footwear with a more formal air, being the ultimate expression of elegance, this can also be worn with anklets, contrary to what many people think! However, in this case, it is best to opt for simpler anklets, without pendants, so as not to overload the look.



There is nothing more natural than going barefoot. And with this piece, you can even give your look another shine, without needing shoes! Whether for the beach, or for any other situation, opt for an ankle bracelet (in this case you can “exaggerate” more in your confection) to show all your personality and take your look to another level!

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