Encontrar o tamanho de colar ideal não é fácil, veja aqui as melhores sugestões:

Finding the ideal necklace size is not easy, here are the best suggestions:

Like any type of fashion accessory, necklaces are also available in the most varied shapes and sizes, with their size being one of the most noticed and sought after differences. The first step towards a better choice of the perfect necklace is to know their dimensions and types:

30 to 45 cm

Commonly called a choker or choker , this type of necklace that wraps around the neck is perfect for almost any type of neckline, drawing a lot of attention to the neck. With or with pendants, these necklaces are the perfect stylish piece for any type of look , with the exception of looks with a high neckline, as there is already enough emphasis given to the neck and collarbone region.

50 to 60 cm

Slightly larger than chokers, this type of necklace will be looser on slim necks. Perfect for women of shorter stature, and sitting just above the bust, this type of necklace is ideal for complementing V- neck looks .

70 cm

With a longer length, these necklaces end at roughly the same height as the bust and are perfect for taller women, or with more athletic silhouettes, serving as an ideal accessory for longer necklines, accompanying them.

Above 80 cm

These very long necklaces are usually worn twice, with different lengths, creating the illusion of wearing two different necklaces. Due to their versatility, they are compatible with almost any look and type of neckline, fitting women of any type.

Always taking into account these suggestions, it is important to mention that each person is different, there are no rules without exceptions. In this way, each woman will have to choose the ideal necklace for each look according to what she likes and what best suits her.

At Ronê we have several types of necklaces, chokers and elegant chokers available , following the latest fashion trends. If you think that our choice of products is not enough, or you have something different and more exclusive in mind, you can always talk to our team of designers , specialized in designing and manufacturing the best pieces customized to your taste!
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