Cuidados com a sua bijuteria banhada

Caring for your plated jewelry

Care of plated jewelry is important to keep the piece always beautiful and shiny. To help increase the durability of the pieces we've separated some tips that will help you keep your jewelry as new as the day it was bought.


- For extra care of your plated jewelry, avoid contact with chemicals such as creams and perfumes.

- Avoid wearing the garments when in contact with water. Take them out for bathing, washing dishes, or going into the sea.

- Polish with a flannel to keep the shine on.

- Be careful when storing, so that they don't scratch or roll over each other. Hanging the necklaces can be a great idea.

Now that you know more about the care of the pieces, be sure to browse through our website and see our models. We have special prices for resellers and shopkeepers.


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